Post-Year 2000 Singapore Commemorative Coins WANTED in Marine Parade, East Singapore for sale

Art & Antiques

Novice collector looking to add to his coin-collection, wants to buy ONLY one piece EACH of the following Singapore commemorative coins (ONLY cupro-nickel proof-like) issued AFTER the Year 2000:
-- $5-coin 2010 Public Housing 50years
-- $2-coin 2012 Giant Panda (colorised, NOT engraved)
-- $2-coin NDP-series (ONLY 2006-41st, 2008-43rd, 2011-46th)
NO INTEREST in silver-proof coins, as they are obviously too costly for a beginner at this hobby.
Will pay a reasonable, but not exorbitant, price to acquire them. Owners of these coins who no longer wish to keep their mementos, kindly email your offer to (purchase will be subject to physical viewing of the condition of item/s):